ANA Airbus A380 models – Hawaiian turtles

ANA, or All Nippon Airways to us old timers, saw the roll-out of its first Airbus A380 from the manufacturer’s Hamburg paint shop last month, December 2018. Airbus employees took 21 days to paint the 3,600m² fuselage surface. The elaborate design was chosen from 2,197 entries in a competition held by the airline.

Hawaiian sea turtles form the basis of the design and there will be three distinct colour tones for each aircraft – Hawaiian Sky (blue), Hawaiian Ocean (green) and Hawaiian Sunset (orange).

ANA’s website depicts a 1:500 scale model available for in-flight purchase from May 2019. However, modelmakers Phoenix and JC Wings have already introduced 1:400 scale models in the new colours. Meanwhile, Magic Models produced a limited edition model all the way back in 2006 (Sven Goran-Eriksson managing England in the FIFA World Cup – yep, that far back…) which was in ANA’s normal house colours.

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